Ticket options for public transportation

Train only

The 10 journey is for 10 one way trips. The best option, if one travels only twice a day.
The price of the 10 Journey ticket depend on the number of zones. From Cascais to the Faculty it is 3 zones, from Cascais to Lisbon (Cais do Sodré) it is 4 zones. The prices are 16.65 Euros and 19.35 Euros respectively.
Additional details regarding the ticket and prices as well as the zones may be found directly at the website of the Portuguese train service.

The tourist travelcard costs 6 Euros for 1 day, and 13.50 Euros for 3 consecutive days, and allows unlimited journeys in Cascais line (Cascais to Cais do Sodré) as well as in Sintra and Sado lines.
The tourist travelcard is good option for multiple journeys during one day.

The 10 journey and the The tourist travelcard are both "chargeable" on the prepaid card (0.50 Euros), and can be bought at the train stations at either the ticket box, or machines.

Note: novel will provide 2 Day Tickets („tourist travelcard“) for the train between the Faculty of Human Kinetics at University of Lisbon and Cascais (for the two Scientific Days i.e. 28.7. and 30.7.).

Combined tickets

Zapping allow you to charge the rechargeable card with money (minimum of 3 Euros, up to 40 Euros, in multiples of 5 Euros), and use it in any type of transportation. Independently of the zones, 1.80 Euros is deducted from the card when you use the train, or 1.40 Euros when you use the bus (yellow bus only) or the underground.

The Lisbon Card can be used in the underground, trains, as well as buses, trams and lifts from Carris, and provides free entry or discounts in many attractions. It costs 18.50 Euros for 24h, 31.50 Euros for 48h and 39 Euros for 72h and can be purchased online. A voucher will be provided via email, which must be exchanged (for example at the airport) into the actual ticket. This ticket is only activated upon the first use.

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