ESM 2016 - Workshop Preliminary Program!

Preliminary workshop program is available.
The workshop day will consist of various sessions with different topics on emed®, pedar® and pliance® applications and will provide the opportunity for participants to interact with experts on a specific topic.

Date: Wednesday, July 27th 2016. Workshops will start around noon.

Place: The workshops will be held at the Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Workshop Topics:
1. Sensor physics a new PPT.
2. New pedoped® / forcepad sensor technology and demonstration on an emed®.
3. Which sensor for what application is recommended and why: 10 typical applications.
4. New emed®-xl platform and recorder software with 100Hz cameras.
5. What is new in novel scientific software.

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Created: Monday, 11 April 2016 11:57